Class Schedule

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Vanadium CrossFit members,

Please sign up for the classes at least 2 hours prior to class start so that we can plan accordingly.

WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS for JUNE (weeks of 6/21 & 6/26):

- I hope everyone is still going strong on the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge.  The post results class will be conducted on July 8th at the box to get your final measurements.  Also, this Saturday June 24 at 11am, Alyssa will host a nutrition discussion on the healthy eating alternatives for summer.  Sign up now if you want to learn more.

- Tuesday, June 21st and Wednesday, June 22nd: KidsFit Classes will continue  for kids ages 4-11 years old.  Parents must be present & sign a waiver.  5:15-6:15 pm.  Signs ups available on the class schedule now.  See event calendar at the box for more class dates in June and post on Saturday 6/3 on comments section as well as the V23 private facebook site to learn more about what this class includes.

- Now through Sept. 20th - Get FIT in the FIGHT Against Cancer Fundraiser:  V23 will be participating in a fundraiser to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Please read over the details that were emailed to you to get started.  Each week we will be updating the thermometer located on the wall at the gym.  Please join the Vanadium Team on the link in the email to get started fundraising for a great cause.  More details will come out soon regarding upcoming fundraising events at the box.  


Jun 25,2017
1:00pmOpen GymMatthew C


Jun 26,2017
5:00amCrossfit ClassLinda B
6:00amCrossFit ClassLinda B
8:30amCrossFit ClassLuis H
12:00pmOpen Gym/ By Sign Up OnlyCoach Jerry
4:30pmCrossFit ClassMark Do
5:30pmCrossFit ClassMatthew C
6:30pmCrossFit ClassMatthew C
7:15pmGymnastics 1.5hrGary A


Jun 27,2017
5:00amCrossFit ClassLinda B
6:00amCrossfit ClassLinda B
8:30amCrossfit ClassLinda B
4:30pmCrossFit ClassMark Do
5:15pmV23 KidsFit ClassLinda/Coach
5:30pmCrossFit ClassMark Do
6:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach Jerry / E
7:30pmCrossFit ClassEvan W.
7:30pmBible StudyCoach Jerry


Jun 28,2017
5:00amCrossfit ClassMatthew C
6:00amCrossFit ClassGary A
8:30amCrossfit ClassLinda B
12:00pmOpen GymLinda B
4:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach Jerry
5:00pm1:1 Nutrition ConsultationHeidi
5:15pmV23 KidsFit ClassClosed Today
5:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach Jerry
5:30pm1:1 Nutrition ConsultationHeidi
6:30pmOlympic Lifting 1.5HRLuis H


Jun 29,2017
5:00amCrossfit classEvan W.
6:00amCrossfit ClassEvan W.
8:30amCrossfit classCoach Jerry
4:30pmCrossfit ClassMark Do
4:30pm1:1 Nutrition ConsultationHeidi
5:30pmCrossfit ClassMatthew /
6:30pmCrossfit ClassMatthew C
7:30pmCrossFit ClassMatthew C


Jun 30,2017
5:00amCrossfit ClassGary A
6:00amCrossfit ClassGary A
8:30amCrossfit ClassLuis H
12:00pmOpen GymCoach Jerry
4:30pmCrossFit ClassMark Do
5:30pmCrossFit ClassMatthew C
6:30pmCrossFit ClassMatthew C


Jul 1,2017
8:15amGymnasticsGary A
9:30amCrossfit ClassMark/Matthew
10:30amElements Class/ By Sign Up OnlyLuis H
1:00pmOlympic Lifting ClassLuis H