Coach Linda Bedoy

Coach | 210-519-1300

Linda was born and raised right here in the Alamo City. At 25 years old she decided move to the Windy City of Chicago. Being there alone, her sisters already doing mix martial arts begged her to look for a gym so she’d take care of herself, find friends, stay fit and overall have fun!

She found Wrecking Ball Mix Martial Arts and was a part of MMA for about 2 years and really enjoyed those intense workouts.

Now being married to Coach Jerry and for the past 4 years training with him in the sport of Crossfit she feels more fit and healthier than ever before. Who would have guessed that she would be so blessed to run a box with her husband.
As a Crossfit Coach she is ready to share everything she’s learned from her trainer and husband Coach Jerry. She is excited and confident to see success with everyone who walks into Vanadium CF.
Her quote: ‘God United Us and We Are One’ Trust in me to guide your success throughout your Crossfit journey so that you can be mentally and physically fit!
Favorite exercise: Squat Cleans & Wall Balls
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