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Thank you for your interest in Vanadium CrossFit! When you are apart of Vanadium Crossfit, you are apart of a family. We offer month to month, term commitments and prepaid options. We also offer student, teacher, and service person discounts. To see exact pricing, click here.

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jerry weight lost journey | vanadium crossfit
Nutritional Consultation

At Vanadium CrossFit we feel what you do outside of the box is as important as what you do inside the box. Nutrition is an essential component of your health and will, at best, promote your efforts or, at worst, be detrimental to your hard work in the box.  

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CrossFit 101

Whether you are advanced or new to crossfit, we offer crossfit 101. This will teach you the basic mechanics of crossfit. This is included in your membership. To start your 2 day free class click here.

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Why Vanadium Crossfit?

Vanadium, 23V va·na·di·um /vəˈnādēəm/ The chemical element of atomic number 23, a hard gray metal of the transition series, used to make alloy steels.

We like to say 'We are your Strength Element'. By that we mean that Vanadium CrossFit is the key to strengthening you for life. This might mean a heavier deadlift, but more likely it means fueling you to be strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- and you'll likely PR on your deadlift along the way, too! Here at Vanadium CrossFit we are cultivating a family friendly environment where everyone will know your name. We offer CrossFit group training and personal training for all fitness levels. Community is what we are all about. We are a dedicated and close-knit community on San Antonio's north-side founded on the principles of great fitness and great community. No matter your fitness level, it is our mission and passion to:
  • Guide you on your path to personal health
  • Increased your quality of life
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Ensure you have a solid support system
Our community offers accountability and encouragement that are intrinsic to your success and our coaches and support staff offer the unparalleled attention and support to make your goals a reality. We look forward to your visit and to welcoming you to the Vanadium family.

"Let us be your Strength Element"


  • jerry weight lost journey | vanadium crossfit

    My weight loss journey After several years of hitting the traditional gym and and eating the normal American diet I found 30 lbs over weight and miserable. I stumbled upon CrossFit in late 2010 and immediately took a liking to it, so much that Im still doing it 7 years later and also own Vanadium CrossFit with my wife. Without geeking out too much, I adopted the Paleo/Zone Diet that Crossfit teaches and do our daily workouts. While my body has changed significantly I think it is just as important to highlight some other benefits to CrossFit: energy, better sleep, community and an overall sense of health & wellness. I absolutely love CrossFit and I hope to do it for years to come. Profile picture transformation was 1 year Pic on Left 185 lbs Pic on Right 155 lbs  

  • Ingrid is a mother of two, Army reservist and full-time student.  She has always struggled with her weight.  She had a misconception that she had to be skinny in order to be healthy or feel beautiful.  Even at her skinniest weight Ingrid wasn’t content with her body.   A good friend of Ingrid asked her to join her in a CrossFit class.  She was extremely intimidated, but after that first class she was hooked.  She loves the confidence and muscles that has come along with dedicating herself to the lifestyle change.  She may have been really skinny at different times throughout her life, but never strong or truly healthy for that matter.   Ingrid’s advice to other struggling out there is to keep going and keep pushing forward! There were many times throughout her journey when giving up would cross her mind, but she is so glad that she didn’t and most definitely never will.  The time and dedication is well worth it.  Progress is progress, no matter how small.  This is about making time for yourself.

    Ingrid Wold
  • I started at Vanadium Crossfit in January 2014 because I wanted to make a big lifestyle change.  I was overweight, had low enery, and was having a hard time keeping up with my young kids.  On Day 1, I felt intimidated by all the weight being thrown around and people doing massive amounts of pull-ups, but Coach Jerry welcomed me with open arms.  After my first work out, it felt like a bomb went off  inside me, causing me to instantly addicted.  Not only do the Coaches provide physical training, they also provide overall healthy lifestyle education.  CrossFit to me has changed my life.  I had tried all the common programs: P90X, Insanity, and T25, but none provide the results I ave seen at Vanadium.  I have dropped 2-3 inches off my waist size, burned fat, and built muscle.  At work, I have maximum energy all day.  I no longer fall asleep reading to my kids at bedtime and can chase them around for hours! You either get to living or get to dying, and Vanadium CrossFit has laid the path for a lifetime of optimal health, strength, and confidence to tackle any challenge life throws my way.

    Dustin Deen
  • After 1 year of CrossFit I can honestly say my life has forever changed.  Originally I was going to try it out for a couple of months.  I’d tried all types of programs, including a gym and personal trainer.  I never got the results I wanted or  felt passionate about it.  After my first workout I was hooked.  I love CrossFit and my Vanadium Family.  I instantly feel better walking into the box.  I like the family feel and supportive atmosphere.  Everyone kind of mentors me and pushed me along when I feel like I want to give up.  Some of the hardest things I’ve ever done are the WODs I do in the box.  I didn’t think I could finish them, but with my coach and fellow CrossFitters cheering me, I can finish strong.  I will be doing CrossFit for the rest of my life… I’ll finish the day I die.

    Allen Sanchez

Meet Our Coaches

Coach Camilo Guzman

linbedoy@yahoo.com | 210-589-1110


Coach Nelly Motycka

ronellemotycka@yahoo.com | 210-519-1300 Crossfit found me 4 years ago and I haven’t been the same since! I have a passion for health, wellness and helping people. I am blessed to use my passion as a nurse & paramedic to teach emergency medicine and work in the ER…and now coach crossfit! I have a wonderful husband and 2 amazing kids!


Coach Evan Williamson



Coach Mark Dowell

MDowell6308@live.com | 910-578-5009


Coach Luis Hernandez

luismhdz85@gmail.com | 210-848-5299 Luis started his journey into Crossfit in 2012 and never looked back. Luis is a Loss Prevention Manager for J.Crew, specializing in Fraud interrogations and interviews. He likes to paddle-board, kayak and dance two-step and salsa but most of all, Luis enjoys Crossfit!    

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Coach Jerry

jt@vanadiumcrossfit.com | 210-519-1300 CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) and Crossfit Weighlifting Trainer, served 4 years in the United States Army to include a 1 year deployment to Iraq in aid of Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II. Gerardo was born and raised in San Antonio and shares his life with his wonderful CrossFit wife Linda.

Owner/Manager | Gerardo (Jerry) Trevino

Coach Linda Bedoy

jt@vanadiumcrossfit.com | 210-519-1300 Linda was born and raised right here in the Alamo City. At 25 years old she decided move to the Windy City of Chicago. Being there alone, her sisters already doing mix martial arts begged her to look for a gym so she’d take care of herself, find friends, stay fit and overall have fun!    


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